A KNIGHTSWOOD teenager with a deadly condition is setting up his own charity in a bid to help other youngsters enjoy the experience of a lifetime.

Samuel’s Smile is the brainchild of Knightswood Secondary pupil Samuel Bell and will offer young people with serious illnesses the chance to savour memories they will never forget.

It is the latest step in a lifetime of helping to raise awareness of children with debilitating conditions which has seen Samuel meet former Prime Minister Tony Blair, former First Minister Jack McConnell and even Her Majesty the Queen.

The 16-year-old told the Post setting up a charity is a plan which had been brewing for some time. He said: “I had been talking about the idea for months. Everyone knows me for my smile. Even when I have come out of operations, I am still smiling.”

“I wanted to share that smile with some children who don’t get the opportunity to do so. In September I had a surprise birthday party and my mum unfurled a huge banner which said ‘Samuel’s Smile’ and had a big logo on it. I had no idea she had planned it all but that’s us now well on the way to being set up.”

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Credit – The Clydebank Post