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Friday 10th of June


Been an exciting few months for Samuel's Smile, also extremely busy which is brilliant!

In March we went to an event hosted by St Patrick's Charity Day Ball which is a charity set up to help other charities and they choose three charities a year to help out and give a big donation to. Samuel's Smile was lucky to be amongst the three charities that would recieve the help from them. We went to the function where they reached their goals of raising over £1,000,000 within the past ten years they have been set up!

May the 9th we recieved £19,500.00!!!!! We still can't believe that we got chosen never meant getting this much money to help all the RARE kids, we cannoth thank you enough St Patrick's Day Charity Day Ball for choosing us and making all the SMILES possible for us to grant them! 

st pats day ball


Samuel's Smile took 25 families to see Disye on Ice on the 2nd of May too! To see all the kids so excited, happy and forgetting about their illness for a while and watching their favorite disney characters infront of it...their faces were a picture! Almost all the kids sdressed up and wore fancy dresses to many the disney characters, also standing up, dancing and singing along was amazing too! These are just a few pictures from the day and this was magical for sure. 

disney ice 1disney on ice 3disney on ice 4

We also had our 2nd Annual Sponsored Walk from Clydebank to Balloch on May the 22nd. 90 people gathered together to 'Walk for a SMILE' Was so great to see so many people all SMILING and helping us out. We are still gathering sponsored money so should know soon how much we raised but it was a brilliant day as the sun was shining and was also great fun! Thank you to all the SMILERS who turned up and thanks for helping us make a RARE kids SMILE! 

sponsored walk 2

The next event we are taking part in is Tough Mudder and then climbing Ben Nevis for Samuel's Smile in July, hopefully we will see some of you there and if you haven't signed up yet just head over to our events page and register!

We are making plans for the near future for all the RARE kids .

Keep SMILING everyone

Samuel x

Diary - Friday 12th of February

Hello everyone! We have had a very busy past few months at Samuel's Smile! BUT FINALY!!!! WE ARE NOW A REGISTERED CHARITY, SC046209 IS OUR OFFICIAL REGISTERED NUMBER. This means even bigger things for Samuel's Smile to come. 


In December we took 27 families to see Santa at Loch Lomond shores, it was possibly the most magical day we have ever had. We arrived at the marquee for some pies and hot chocolate for the kids ( who can eat ) and glowsticks, also many other toys that the kids could play with. Then we boarded the train that took us through the woods and we all sang Christmas carols and enjoyed each other's company. We arrived at Santa's marquee in the wood and were greeted by the elves and every single child got a big stuffed Santa and siblings got a big stuffed reindeer! It was such a magical night and we cannot thank Loch Lomond shores for everything they have done for Samuel's Smile! See you soon!

smiler xmassmiler xmasss

On Thursday the 4th in the Kings Theatre I had the opportunity to sing on stage with 'Elvis' or better known as Rob Kingsley, he has toured around the world as an Elvis Tribute act. He had seen my advert and wanted me to sing The Wonder of You, he also allowed us to have a collection for Samuel's Smile and on the night we raised £1,202.23!!!! It was an amazing night and my dream came true when I had the chance to share the stage with Rob being Elvis, I cannot thank you all enough for what you did for me and my charity! Look forward to doing it again next year. Rob also gave me a special gift, an Elvis on Tour badge from 1972!!! There is only a few in existence, its already up on my wall and can't take my eyes off it! See you again soon Rob and thanks for making my dream come true.

sam with elvissam with elvis 2

It was amzing to take along over 100 SMILERS including families with their children and friends sharing this special moment with us. It was a sight to see when everyone walked in with their Samuel's Smile shirts and jumpers on! 

Hope everyone is well and remember...KEEP SMILING Samuel x



Diary - Wednesday 4th November

Hello everyone, sorry I haven't been updating this much but I promise I will start now! 

t has been a busy few months with alot of exciting things happening for Samuel's Smile! First of all we had our first event for the children with RARE diseases. We took 23 families to Blairdrummond Safari Park, coaches arrived at the Daily Record HQ at 10am for all the SMILERS and the kids who could accompany us on our journey! We arrived at the Safari at 11am and went through the animal enclosures where the Tigers, Lions, Zebra's, Rhino's and other animals are! We had a marque set up with Samuel's Smile banners and animal balloons aswell! We then had many special guests Anna, Elsa and Olaf thanks to Glasgow Princess parties: who provided the frozen singalong and party games aswell! My big brother and his friend as Spiderman and Batman who also went around the safari and collected donations if you wanted to get pictures with them that raised money for the charity aswell! The faces on the kids faces when Olaf was their and singing with Anna and Elsa Let It Go, every single one of them singing their heartout, it made everything worthwhile. It was priceless, the day was amzing filled with laughter and tears!

safari 2safari

Since the safari I was selected to be in the series of the Daily Record TV adverts! Watch it here: The advert took a couple of days to make and still can't believe how well it turned out and thanks to the amazing and talented Director David Eustace, Jackie McGuigan and John McCauley and the other guys who helped David make the advert! But from this advert amazing things has happened...

But before I tell you what has happened we had a Masquerade Ball at the British Leigion in Knightswood. An amazing women named Vicki Peters organised the night where we raised a total of £1,600 and a special guest attended, Sanjeev or better known as...Naveed from Still Game who managed to come along and if you wanted to get a picture with him you needed oto put a donation in the bucket! Amazing night and amazing amount of money raised, and all the masks were amazing. 

All from this advert I have been able to find a precious little girl who's Mom and Dad contacted me through my facebook page asking if it was me and letting us know that her little girl who was 10 weeks old at the time was diagnosed with the same condition as me! All because they seen the advert the baby is hopefully going to be able to recieve the treatment she needs and will be hopefully not as sick as she usually is. She is a little gift from heaven, me and my family went up to Aberdeen to where her they are the now and was able to give them some hope and was able to answer any questions they were asking. 

Another amazing thing that came about all because of the advert I recieved an email from a man called Rob Kingsley who had seen my advert and is actually an award winning Elvis tribute act! He has his own band and has been everywhere preforming the King's music! If some of you may not know i am a massive Elvis fan and went to Graceland in 2010 for Elvis week thanks to Vicki for raising funds to take me and was able to live a dream for a week! Rob also said in his email that he would love for me to come on stage and perform the wonder of you as in the advert  say about my love for Elvis and " My favourite song is the Wonder of You, My Mom always says it's about me ". He is coming to the Kings Theatre on Febuary the 4th 2016 and tickets are now available on: So if you would like to come along and see my first time singing in public with "Elvis" then it would be amazing! 

Updates will be on weekly, thanks again for everyone's support love you all and remember...KEEP SMILING Samuel x

Diary - Wednesday 5th August

Smilers in Turkey

I've been busy the past few months with gathering the money in from the sponsored walk, we have almost £9000 and still got more money to collect! We are now getting the next event organised which will be announced within the next few weeks!

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Diary - Friday 5th of June




we had our very first charity walk which was from Clydebank to Balloch - 15 miles, we ended up getting over 170 walkers and other people who were helping out as marshals and at the water breaks etc. IT was such an amazing day, the rain was pelting down right untill we blew the whistle to start the walk and then the sun came out and was splitting the sky! It was such a great day had by all and overwhelming to have friends and families from young kids to pensioners and everybody showing their support for Samuel's Smile, helping raise all the funds that will make it possible for Samuel's Smile to start sharing. Throughout the planning for the walk we had people donating; the fruit, the water, the balloons, special soaps for the end and so many more things...i could not believe the genorosity of people out there that want to help.  

heroes gordon strachanFRIDAY 15th MAY

Well a lot has happened in the past few weeks! Samuel's Smile was the charity of choice at the Daily Record Our Heroes Awards. We were there alongside many celebrities like; Gordon Strachan, cast of Rivercity, Rebecca fergueson and so many more exciting people and of course the people who were nominated for the awards! My wee friend Eilidh Duncan who is a kid with a RARE disease won the Little Hero award with another two well deserving children. So what happened is they have a raffle on the night and everyone puts £10 in the envelope and you win prizes so dinner and a night for two in the Hilton, Dinner for two in Mr Singhs there was loads of prizes and they all got donated so every penny went to my chairty and we ended up raising £3,500!!! Could not believe it and it is still unbelievable to think that the charity got chosen and will be able to help so many kids SMILE!!

Samuel's Diary

Been an exciting few week so far! Got together with my Trustee’s and had our first official meeting so it was great everyone getting to meet each other and talking about the future of Samuel’s Smile.

I have been in hospital getting my Iron Infusions and Vitamin D injections and also getting an ultrasound and x-ray it’s like a wee MOT to keep me going.

I also made a visit to the new children hospital in Glasgow, along with some of the other rare kids. Was an interesting visit with a lot of changes but hopefully for the better.


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