Samuels Smile

Little Hero Samuel Bell was expected to live three months.. now he's getting ready to go to high school

Samuels Smile

WHEN 11-year-old Samuel Bell started primary school seven years ago, it was hailed as a miracle.

He was born with a condition which means he can't eat, is fed through a tube into his heart and carries a lifesaving medical kit in his backpack.

Doctors did not expect him to live beyond three months.

Getting as far as primary school was extraordinary and now Samuel, who was named the Daily Record's Little Hero in 2004, is looking forward to starting at his local high school after the summer.

Speaking as Samuel prepared for his Bankhead Primary school prom, mum Sharan said: "It feels like yesterday we were going through all the emotions of him starting primary.

"That was seven years ago though, and Samuel is still here. We just look at him as a total miracle.

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Credit - The Daily Record


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