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Hunt for Heroes: Courage of three-year-old who battles rare illness that means she will never eat or drink normally

Samuels Smile

EILIDH DUNCAN has been nominated as a Little Hero for the 2015 Our Heroes Awards and lives life to the full despite her condition.

WITH her beaming smile and can-do attitude, little Eilidh Duncan is a born fighter.

And, boy, does she have a battle on her hands.

After she fell critically ill at 10 weeks old, doctors diagnosed a rare condition that destroys the intestine.

Parents Rhona and Craig were told the devastating news that it was unlikely Eilidh would live beyond her first birthday.

They were also told she would never be able to eat or drink.

But Eilidh, three, survived against the odds. And despite chronic pain, growth problems and the burden of being hooked up to feeding tubes for 20 hours a day, she lives life to the full.

Pushing along her wee suitcase containing her feeding machine, she’s rarely without a smile.

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Credit - The Daily Record


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