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The Aim of Samuels SmileI have found over the years, being the only child in Yorkhill Childrens Hospital with Total Intestinal Hirschprungs Disease, that I feel left out a lot of the time.

There are many Charities who can help children with many well known conditions like Cancer but not really many out there specifically for rare diseases.

My aim is to help all those children who suffer from rare diseases and give them a chance to SMILE.

Whether it may be a family day out to make memories, something in the house to help that child, making it possible for them to meet some stars or footballers or even a tutor to help with their school studies because they have missed out on so much.

I just want to make sure that all these children are not left out and are as important as any other child. If I can make that possible to make them SMILE if even only for a day, it will make me feel over the moon to know that my SMILE has been shared.


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